Anti Corruption Strategies & Training

Any entity should concentrate its efforts on preventing fraud and corruption, rather than responding to it. To achieve that, it is vital to develop a comprehensive strategy, to address the issue of fraud/corruption prevention. Our emphasis is therefore on scientific proactive fraud/corruption preventative techniques.

Anti-Corruption Strategies & TrainingEvery entity's efforts to minimise fraud and corruption should be run from within its ranks and be seen to be institutionalised. Ownership of the anti-fraud/corruption strategy is subsequently a crucial success factor. When contracted to support an organisation to develop and to implement an anti-corruption strategy we adopt the approach of "we help you to help yourself".

Our anti-corruption awareness training programs emphasise the fact the concept 'we are anti-corruption' should become a way of thinking, working and living with all relevant individuals.

Development and implementation of an anti-corruption strategy is subsequently a continuous process that must be maintained and managed to provide for changing circumstances and developments within any entity and the environment as a whole.