Intelligence Support Services

We live in the era of information, and the saying goes 'information is power'! A very short but fitting definition is: "Business Intelligence is essentially timely, accurate, high-value, and actionable business insights."

It is not possible to conduct investigation or security work efficiently without proper operational information/intelligence. Intelligence is divided into strategic and operational intelligence.

Strategic intelligence provides management with the information needed to make national policy or decisions of long-lasting importance. Strategic intelligence collection requires highly specialised skills, expertise and experience for integrating information concerning politics, economics, societal interactions, individual an group activities and technological developments.

The function evolves over a long period of time and is built on trust and results in the development of intelligence studies and timeous forecasts.

Intelligence Support ServicesOperational intelligence on the other hand is concerned with current or near-term events. It is used to determine the current and projected capability of a program or operation on an ongoing basis and does not result in long-term projections. An Information/Intelligence Cycle is the process normally used to obtain, produce, and to make the end result available to the operational end users such as managers, police officers, security officers and other relevant parties.

It is common course today that organisations are applying business intelligence gathering techniques to determine what tendencies, opportunities and threats are there in the marketplace. Business intelligence services are even used to obtain sensitive information such as the intellectual property of competitors. Governments are no different and subsequently no effective governance could take place without proper intelligence

Our intelligence specialists have many years of experience in intelligence/information management, which capabilities include the covert gathering and assessment of sensitive intelligence.