Risk Mitigation Plans

Risk mitigation is defined as taking steps to reduce adverse effects of unexpected events that may cause harm to your organisation.

Risk management is, therefore, the procedure that an organization follows to protect itself, its staff, clients, and stakeholders. This is an ongoing process.

Risk Mitigation PlansIt is not possible to eliminate all risk. Your responsibility is to demonstrate that you have recognized the risks you could face and have taken reasonable precautions to prevent them from causing harm to your clients, board members, employees, property, or reputation.

It's important to develop a strategy that closely relates to and matches your company's profile.

We Identify, assess, document and mitigate potential risks to your organisation in a more proactive manner.

The end result is a reduction of unexpected events that could impact your organisation negatively.

Risk Assesment


Our risk management experts will assist organisations with the development of a comprehensive security risk mitigation plan as follows:

  • Conduct a detailed risk assessment in conjunction with the relevant staff of the client to determine high risk, medium risk and low risk individuals, venues, environments, factors, etc.
  • Identification of high profile and low-profile information/ assets/ personnel to be protected.
  • Development of an all-inclusive risk strategy that would address and manage the security risk areas/issues that would be applicable to individuals/buildings/installation or information.