Our specialised protection services are based on an appropriate, well-designed Event Security Plan.

The relevant plan will inter alia provide for screening, access control, guarding services before, during and after events, route security, transport security and protection, accommodation security, food security, VIP security, etc.

Prescribing/providing electronic and physical security requirements at all relevant facilities and venues such as installations, residences, offices, ports of entry, hotels, places of public gathering, soccer stadiums etc.

Deployment of fully trained and professionally equipped operational staff to assist the security forces of client with the above mentioned activities. Such operational staff would be based with client for as long as required by the authorities that be.

Specialised Protection Services

We provide the following specialised security services;

Strategic Installation Security

  • National key-point security
  • Strategic installation security
  • Ports of entry security
  • Hi-Tech surveillance

Major Event Security Services

  • Development of quantified security plan
  • Coordinate implementation of plan
  • Training of big event security staff
  • Ports of entry security
  • Access control at venues
  • Venue, transport and accommodation security
  • Route planning and security
  • VIP protection
  • Planning for mass casualty evacuation

Law enforcement efficiency


  • Managerial training
  • Functional skills development
  • Tactical skills development

Crime Combating & Rapid Response Services

  • Develop a community safety plan
  • Deploy appropriate human & physical resources
  • Train community in crime prevention
  • Rapid response to serious violent crime
  • Support services to crime victims
  • Crime investigation services
  • Prosecution & court support services